PhD Students


  1. Yunmeng Wu, Northeastern University, expected graduation 2028.
  2. Shengnan Huang, Northeastern University, expected graduation 2025.
  3. Aria Masoomi, Northeastern University, expected graduation 2025.
  4. Zhongkai Mi, Ph.D. 2024, LSU, thesis: The lowest discriminant ideal of Cayley-Hamilton Hopf algebras.
  5. Fayadh Khadem, Ph.D. 2022, LSU, thesis: A cluster structure on the coordinate ring of partial flag varieties.
  6. Kent Vashaw, Ph.D. 2021, LSU, thesis: Noncommutative tensor triangular geometry and its applications to representation theory.
  7. Kurt “Trey” Trampel, Ph.D. 2019, LSU, thesis: Quantum cluster algebras at a root of unity, Poisson Lie groups and discriminants.
  8. Bach Nguyen, Ph.D. 2018 LSU, thesis: Invariant of noncommutative algebras and Poisson geometry.
  9. Maitreyee Kulkarni, Ph.D. 2018 LSU, thesis: Dimers on cylinders over Dynkin diagrams and cluster algebras.
  10. Eric Bucher, Ph.D. 2016 LSU, thesis: Maximal green sequences and quivers associated to surfaces.
  11. Jesse Levitt, Ph.D. 2016 LSU, thesis: Properties of polynomial identity quantized Weyl algebras.
  12. Joel Geiger, Ph.D. 2013 LSU, thesis: The ring theory and the representation theory of quantum Schubert cells.
  13. Garrett Johnson, Ph.D. 2010 UCSB, thesis: Cremer–Gervais R-matrices and Cherednik algebras.
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